Our Arena – Galcomm and the Internet Media

These days, more and more businesses, large and small, new businesses and professionals are actively turning to promote and increase their presence on the Internet.
We at Galcomm provide a range of tools and services that help both large and small, low-budget businesses to market themselves online and achieve marketing goals at reasonable costs appropriate to the type and size of the business. Our goal is that every business, using the tools provided by Galcomm, will be able to receive full exposure on the Internet arena and express its marketing goals while promoting its business, bringing in new customers and increasing sales.

Company background:

Galcomm was born in 2000 and since then has been active on the Internet arena as a domain registrar, hosting provider and more …
Galcomm manages about 250,000 domain names in Israel and abroad and is proud to be the largest registrar in Israel licensed to register domain names by the Israel Internet Association and ICANN.
Galcomm develops products and services that help business owners increase their presence on the Internet including among other things: domain purchase, web site hosting, website development tools, SEO and more …

Who is with us on the arena?

Galcomm cooperates with leading professionals in the field of website creation, web hosting, SEO, social media and with its representatives in Israel and abroad.

The Galcomm Team

Galcomm employs developers, web consultants, customer service personnel and leading marketers in their field, who work tirelessly to create products and services with a high service awareness and business ethics.
Galcomm’s team members are available for contact in all media (phone, email, Skype and fax) to answer questions and to assist their customers.
Galcomm guarantees to provide the best service for its customers in Israel and worldwide committing to high levels of ethics and credibility.

Galcomm’s vision

Galcomm takes upon itself to offer an online presence for every small and independent business owner.
The idea is for every business to be able to receive full exposure on the internet arena and to promote its marketing goals using the same tools as the large business owners.

Follow us!

Galcomm is committed to offering its customers the most advanced technology for their Internet presence (the cellular Internet interface will soon be launched) while maintaining fair rates.
Galcomm is the information center where you can receive updates about everything needed to be present online.

So who has already thanked us?

Galcomm has tens of thousands of satisfied customers from various industries all over the country and the world.
Customers in Israel: 012, ONE, BigNet, JoinWeb, Leos Media & Interactive, Ministry of Tourism, Weizmann Institute, Bitek and more …
Foreign customers: CSC Corporation Services, Verisign, Melbourne IT, NetNames Marcaria, Microsoft, Harpwro Internet Solutions and more …