Our Arena – Galcomm and the Internet Media

Internet media usage is measurable and often cheaper, which makes Internet advertisement most appealing to more and more
enterprises regardless of their size.
The Israeli market shows significant growth in new business presence on the web, because each one of these businesses recognises the fact that the Internet enables better identification, better focus and meets the target audience wherever they are on the net.
Internet becomes more local and more social by group and social media activities, and using mobile web which offers location based search of business and various services.

More and more new and small businesses resolve to build their online presence and accelerate this web presence by being actively available and present online.

Our Arena Partners

Galcomm cooperates with first class professionals in the area of website building, webhosting, website promotion (SEO), social media, and with its network of resellers world wide.

Our ID

Galcomm, an ICANN accredited Domain Registrar, was established in 2000 and active since then in the Internet services arena.
Galcomm is proud to be the largest domain name registrar in Israel, being accredited by both ICANN and the Israeli Internet Society (ISOC The .IL registry), servicing more than 200,000 domains under its management.
Galcomm develops products and services, helping businesses to increase their online presence, including : Domain name registration services , website build and hosting, landing page generator, SEO and social media activities.

Out Team

Galcomm employs a team of programmers, Internet advisers, customer support, and marketing & sales people , each is a leader in their area of expertise, who together create the products and services while constantly maintaining a high level of service and fairness.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing an online presence to all small businesses and professionals, wishing to have their footprint on the Internet. We pride ourselves on helping every business to have full web arena exposure, and to express themselves using the same marketing tools as used by any large business.

Follow Us

Galcomm is committed to providing its clients with state of the art technology for their web presence, while maintaining a very high level of service and fair pricing incentives.

Galcomm is your main information junction, where you can get the relevant information on every thing related to creating your web presence.
Galcomm is committed to providing the best reliable and fair service to its clients in Israel and worldwide. Our account managers and support staff are available to you via all media (phone, mail, chat etc.), to address your questions and assist your individual needs.

Galcomm continues to receive much thanks and acclaim from our Customers.
Galcomm has tens of thousands of satisfied customers from various sectors in Israel and worldwide.

Among our customers in Israel:
012smile, Yellow Pages, ONE , Bignet, Joinweb, Faritom and other web solution providers

Among our customers abroad:
CSC Corporation services, Verisign, Melvourne IT, Netnames, Microsoft, Harpwro Internet Solutions and many many more.