Interface Management – API Galcom is the only registrar in Israel that has developed an API module for registering and managing domains which is integrated as a PLUG-IN within the WHMCS system for managing activity and storage customers. If you are acquiring domains for your customers and specifically if you are working with WHMCS and

Resellers program Advantages of Galcomm Reseller Program: * Galcomm is the only registrar in Israel that developed an API module for registration and management of domains which is integrated as a PLUG-IN within the WHMCS system to manage activity and storage customers. * Reduced costs in registering and renewing domains for a variety of extensions.

G-Affiliate – Galcom referral program In modern digital reality, almost everyone we encounter is looking to set up a website, buy a domain or open a Facebook page for a business. You would like to help him, but you do not always have the time or knowledge to do it yourself. Galcomm’s referral program offers

Hosting – Secondary reseller program for web hosting only Would you like to be a hosting provider for your customers? No technical expertise or technical knowledge is required. Choose the number of sites you will need according to the number of customers and the requirements of their sites and you will receive full support from


Our Partner Programs Galcomm offers you, as a business partner, various programs where you can enjoy the opportunity to provide your clients the services of Galcomm while having affordable wholesale prices along with full service and technical support for all offered products. G-Seller – Galcomm’s Reseller program Joining Galcomm’s Reseller program provides you with all