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This is our general contact page where you can contact us for any matter related to sales, service etc.. We are obligated to address any contact with 5 business days from receiving it.  We can be contacted by this form, by a support ticket issued from your account at Galcomm, by email sent to [email protected] for English support, and to  [email protected] for Hebrew support, and by phone call answered by a human agen 24/7.  We will be handling or answering any contact submitted to us within 24 hours (1 business days).  Please note that domain registration updates must be authenticated, before being handled, and this form, being a public form is not an authenticated method to request domain modifications. Domain registration updates can be submitted using our online domain control panel after you have looged into your account, or by requesting the domain update via a support ticket issued from your account (after login).

Please fill in  your details and request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  For complaint about a domain abuse please refer to our abuse page  at .  For a general complaint about our services,  please select  Other from the drop down option on the contact form below, and specify your complaint within the text box.


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web-icons_contect28Tel: +972 09-8850558
fax: +972 09-8850583
[email protected]

web-icons_contect27Communigal Communication Ltd 8473
Netanya 4250422 Israel

web-icons_contect25Office Address
24 Giborei Israel St.
Netanya, Israel