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What is a domain?

The domain name is your Internet ID. The domain name represents the name of your website and what you are on the web. Choosing your domain and buying a domain means building your presence on the web and affecting your search engine promotion and social networking.

What should I know before I purchase a domain for my new site?

There must be a connection between the domain name and the site content.
The domain name can be a business name, product name, brand name, or service name matching the site content. If the site is focused on a specific product, the domain name should represent the product.

A catchy domain name that represents the meaning of the site’s content

Buying a domain with a catchy name allows direct access to the site through its name and also significantly supports its promotion on the web.
It is preferable to buy a domain with a meaningfull name than to buy a domain with a short name. There are other options in case names have already been taken, such as using a hyphen between two words like galcomm-me, generic names and adding plural to a specific name: domain or domains.

Server location and target audience are the 2 factors influencing a domain purchase when choosing the extension for your domain

Should you choose com, קום. or some other extension ? The priority is clear – for a site with Hebrew content and Israeli hosting the obvious choice is Second priority is buying a domain with a .com suffix and then other extensions. A website that combines content in Hebrew and English and is intended for the international market – the priority is to buy a domain with the suffix com followed by Other extensions are selected as an addition to the above extensions or when or .com extensions are not available.

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