Catch your IL domain

GalcommDomainCatch your IL domain

Catch your IL domain

Faster, Easier, convenient.
Galcomm introduces a new service, catch your IL domains. This service is added to our current service for catching gTLD Generic domains.

Order your IL domain catch

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How It Works?
Every day expired IL domains are being released to be available again for registration (dropped). after being in a quarantine period. The drop process is done during the night hours (Israel time).

Galcomm can submit the domain names you wish to catch instead of you sitting and waiting until the moment they become available again. All you have to do is entering the list of the expired domains before being dropped in our interface and we will take care of the rest.

You Catch – You Pay
As always, with all our catching and pre-registration services, we do not charge you in case we did not catch the domain name.
Yes, we do charge the amount in advance, but you will be refunded if you have not caught the domain.

Terms and Conditions:
These terms apply only for domain catch of or domains. For other TLD domain catch please refer to the relevant terms.
Galcomm does not guarantee the success in registration of the domain you ordered for catch. We are doing our best to try and catch it for you.
The orders for IL domain catch are on FCFS basis. The first order for a certain domain, will be accepted, and the others will be rejected. In any case the time stamp of the domain catch order.

The price – the price for catching IL domain, if caught is 31.85$ (VAT exclusive). The price includes the domain registration fee for 1 year.
The payment is made at the time of the order. The payment will be fully refunded if the domain is not caught for you, either to your account balance, to your credit card or any payment method being used to pay for the domain catching service.

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