GalcommDomainChange ownership to international domains

Change ownership to international domains

On 1/12/2016 a new regulation came into effect on behalf of ICANN, the authority that manages domain names worldwide. The regulation determines that a domain registrar is required to get approval both from the old and new domain owners in order to make a change of ownership for the domain.

The installation concerns domain names with global suffixes (COM, NET, ORG, incoming new extensions, etc).
Therefore, changing a domain owner’s name, company name, or email address requires that the change request be verified before it can be processed.

In effect, a request to change a domain owner’s information will be similar to a domain ownership change request with the IL extension, meaning that the current domain owner’s signature on the change of ownership form will need to be signed, along with an ID document, as well as confirmation from the new domain owner.

Handling fees will be charged for an ownership change in an amount similar to those collected for the ownership change in the IL suffix.
Unlike ownership change in the IL suffix, changing ownership in global extensions does not require re-registration, only domain owners approval.

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