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How to choose a domain extension for your site?

The domain extension appears after the domain name of the site, for example, where .com is the extension and domain is the site name.
There are many domain extensions, and for Israeli sites it is highly recommended to select the extension. Extensions such as .com or .net are more suitable for sites that appeal to an international audience, but they are second priority after the extension, if it is not available.
The .com suffix is very common all over the world and there are even extensions that characterize certain countries. The .net suffix we all know from a variety of URLs is also very popular for computer companies, communications, international trading sites and so on.

Examples of extensions:

APP – This is an abbreviation of the word “application”. Due to the growing popularity of applications, the purpose of this extension is to provide a dedicated area for application developers.
Com – a new extension from Verisign, a full domain name in Hebrew that allows cheaper promotion and more efficient branding. And, of course, what can be more convenient than using our language and exactly match our name?
Asia – suitable for business owners who want a unique presence in the Asian market consolidation, expanding over 73 countries, with 30 different languages and exposure to new international opportunities.
EU – suitable for business owners who need a presence in the European Union, including the advanced industrial countries, to expand their services and create business opportunities.
CO – the short and popular alternative to the well-known com extension, which also serves business owners who want to create new opportunities and expand into the trading market in Colombia.
MOBI – the only extension designed to transfer Internet content to mobile phone applications. This will allow to surf the Internet using mobile devices, directly to your site. So that users can be exposed to all the content you uploaded, as well as the secure content pages.
TV – Entertainment content is becoming more and more common today, so there is a Tv extension for business owners whose domain address is not only a redirection to their website, but also a link to rich video content which shows the service and the product by uploading different content videos.
BIZ – Unlike others, the BIZ extension is designed to provide a stable and secure platform for Internet sites belonging to the business sector.
US – the official US extension. Despite the use of the .com extension, the demand for it is growing.
TOP – the new and promising online extension with nearly a million new domains, starting from the top!
org – A domain representing non-profit organizations such as: municipalities, associations, nonprofit organizations, etc. – An extension suitable for academic institutions. – An extension suitable for municipalities and local authorities. – An extension suitable for communications companies.

There are various country extensions, such as: Ru- Russia, Nl- Netherland, Uk- United Kingdom, Ro- Romania etc.

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