Your domain name is your Internet ID. The domain name represents your website name and all you show on the Internet. Hence, choosing the right domain name is a significant step in building your web presence and an important part in promoting your website.

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How to choose the domain name most suitable for your website

The domain name represents your website – there must be a strong correlation between the domain name and the website contents. The domain name may be the business name, product name, brand name or service name – related to the website content.
If the website focuses on a specific product, then the domain should represent the product name, etc.

The domain name should be clear and easily remembered. A concise domain name represents the website content; it enables direct access to the website by its name and supports the website promotion, it is less important to use a short name than using a significant related name.

What suffix (TLD) should be used for the domain name – or .com or perhaps another suffix?

The priority is as follows:
For a website hosted in Israel with Hebrew content – First priority is, the second priority is .Com and then all the others.
For a website directed to international audience – The priority is first for .Com, then, and then all the others.

Domains in Hebrew

– Currently available only with the Latin suffix (e.g,, .com, etc.)

Presently, it is not convenient to type the domain name in Hebrew on the url, however, there is still a strong importance to having the Hebrew domain name as an addition to the Latin domain name, because it contributes to the website promotion in Google, as always the cost of the additional domain is negligible relative to its contribution to the promotion of your website.

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