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GalcommPrivacy Policy

The following information provides our Privacy Policy and how we treat your personal information gathered through the usage of our services.

On May 25th, 2018 the new privacy regulations of the EU (GDPR) are in effect. Galcomm is not a EU company, and it resides outside the EU.

1. What Information we gather from you.
2. What do we do with the information gathered from you.
3. Third parties whom we share your information.
4. Where is your information published & Whois.
5. What safeguards we take to keep your information protected.
6. Opt in and opt out.

What Information we gather from you

We gather your information and your contact information as your user account information, so we can better communicate with you, and for the provision of our services to you.
In addition, as an accredited domain name registrar, we may gather domain registration information that includes information related to the registered domain name and contact information related to the domain name registered.
Contact information may include :
Name, company/organization name, email address, physical/mailing address, phone number, fax number , or other information.

What do we do with the information gathered from you

Operational use of your information:
The information you provide is used for:
– Storing your account information for operational communication with you, such as notices, updates etc..
– Use of the information for processing our services, e.g your data to produce your invoices, data to register domain names etc..
– Any other use that is required to fulfil our services to you, of which you have signed up.

Marketing use of your information:
Send of our marketing updates and information to you – Unless you have explicitly opted in to our newsletters or other way of marketing communication, we will not use your contact information for marketing purposes. You may have opted in to our marketing communication when joining Galcomm, opening a new account, or through our business partners. At any time you may opt out.

Third parties whom we share your information:
We will not share your information with any third party for the purpose of marketing services.
However, your information may be shared with a third party for the purpose of the processing and operation of our services to you, and in particular as part of our obligation as an accredited domain name registrar.
Third parties we may share your information included but not limited to: Domain name registries, a backup data escrow agent, ICANN compliance or other bodies world wide which are eligible for access to your information.

Where is your information published & Whois.

As a domain name registrar, we are obligated to publish the domain name information on a public Whois, where the domain registry is a “thin” registry, i.e. domain contact data is kept with the registrar only (e.g Com Net TLDs).
As of May 25, 2018 we cease publish domain name contact data in our Whois server, whether the domain name holder is a private person or it is an organization. If you wish your contact information to become public on the Whois, you have to explicit opt in to that using your domain name management control panel.
Please note, that your contact data is shared with most of the domain name registries, and it is up to the respective domain name registry, whether your contact info is published on the public Whois or not.

What safeguards we take to keep your information protected

We always keep your information secured from unauthorized access. We take the reasonable safeguards to keep our platform and application secured for the protection of your data.

Opt in and opt out.

You can opt in to our services at any time. For example, Opt in for your user account information is made using our account modification after login to your account. Opt in to allow your domain contact data to the Whois is made via the domain name control panel.
You can opt out/withdraw your previous opt in at any time using the same method.

Contact Us:

For any question about this policy please contact our support at [email protected] .