Our Partner Programs

Galcomm offers you, as a business partner, various programs where you can enjoy the opportunity to provide your clients the services of Galcomm while having affordable wholesale prices along with full service and technical support for all offered products.

G-Seller – Galcomm’s Reseller program

Joining Galcomm’s Reseller program provides you with all Galcomm services suitable for your and your customer needs.

What do we offer?

  • Domain management platform – Reseller is provided with a full functional Control Panel, where the reseller is enabled:
  • Register domain names for himself and/or his customers.
  • Transfer domain names to Galcomm from other registrar.
  • Manage the current portfolio of domain name administered by the reseller, including all functionality.
  • Maintain registrar account – Registrar data, balance, and payments.
  • Reporting – Having an online reporting system on reseller activities.


Offer our special Digital Business card to your clients and enjoy reduced prices and Linkey package offerings.

To read more about Linkey click here

Galcomm Landing page generator

Coming soon – Build landing pages automatically for your clients in 2 minutes. Get a landing page package, and start giving your clients their basic Internet marketing tools.

For more information click here

API Interface

Galcomm provides you with all the tools to integrate your website with our domain registration platform, so you can as a virtual registrar.
Integrating your services with our API allows you to enrich your services with an automatic domain registration service.
Galcomm provides you with full documentation and support to build your api interface.

How does it work?

Reseller account is based on an established pre-paid credit account, of which future purchases are based on. Same credit is used for purchase of all kind of products at Galcomm. Whether domain registration, web hosting, Site building or any product or service.

The credit balance should be always kept positive to allow further purchases.
Reseller may purchase, at any time, more credits, according to the pricing schedule agreed
with Galcomm.
All fees will be then deducted from the credit account according to transactions made by the reseller. accept payments in two ways:

Credit card – all credit card types are accepted by As part of the control panel, reseller has a credit card payment interface to purchase their credit balance.
Wire Transfer – we accepts payment done through wire transfer to our account. Bank details will be provided directly to reseller after signing up.

At any time using the control panel, reseller may watch its current balance, transactions and online Invoices. Usage reports are downloadble via the website.

How do I join the reseller program?

It is simple, just click here to sign up with your new account at Galcomm. Then contact us to setup your account as a Reseller account with your preferred pricing.

Hosting – Secondary reseller program for web hosting platform only

Be a web hosting provider to your clients. No need for technical expertise, or any technical knowledge. You use a peace of our server suitable for your needs and client portfolio size, and gets our full service and technical support. All you need is what you already know: Sell.

Web Hosting Reseller program is available either as a discount on a per package purchase, based on number of clients, or a reseller hosting package based on size of disk, space and traffic.

Click to see our Web Hosting Reseller offerings.

G-Affiliate – Galcomm Affiliate program

If you have a working website, and you feel that Galcomm’s products and services suit your clients needs, then Affiliate program is for you.

The Affiliate program is based on you referring customers to Galcomm. For each referral for any Galcomm product, you will earn a commission. The level of commission is based on the volume of referrals and the type of the product.
The referrals are for any Galcomm product.

How does it work?

You get from us a Domain search tool that you embedd within your website, or simply create a link from your website to Galcomm using a special affiliate code given to you. As many purchases referred to Galcomm, the much commission you get.

Commission is paid generally once a month to either your credit card or wire to your bank account.

How do I join the affiliate program?

No setup fee or any commitmants. Simply sign up and open an account at Galcomm, then contact us to setup your account as a G-Affiliate and start earning today

Click here to join today>>

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