GalcommServicesLinkey Bizcard

linkeyGalcomm Presents: A personalized digital business card that includes contact information, a map and a rich content management system.

Now, for only 5$, and the first two months for free!

Galcomm’s smart business card allows you to display all your personal or business information in one location with an easy to operate content management system.

Linkey – digital business card includes:

    – Custom profile picture and business logo
    – Business information area
    – Contact information buttons, including click to call buttons
    – Business owners can integrate all of their business information such as opening hours, an “About Us” page, etc.
    – A smart navigation button


Try it! Press here for’s Linkey!

Interactive Business Card platform

Your customers or friends get the ability to connect instantly. They can immediately call, text, email and even pull up your address on their maps on their device, all with just one click.

Linkey keeps your information private

Often we like to publish our private information like mobile phone number and such, to a close group of friends and relatives. Linkey protects your information by a special code that has to be entered prior to viewing that information.

Why Linkey?

– Works On All Platforms
– No App Required
– Your customers can save your information right to their contacts.
– Can be used as a business card, a mini site, an add-on to your Facebook page, and more.

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