A Personal Biz Card and an .INFO Domain

The smart business card of Galcomm enables you to present all your personal data, in a single place with an easy to use management system to upload and manage the data. All that branded with your .INFO domain name, to be easy recognized.

And the most important – Linkey.INFO allows your clients who watch your business card to save your data into their contact, thus next time they contact you intuitively and directly

Check Domain


All extentions/TLDsicannisoc

Looking for an efficient and easy way to present your personal branding on the web? Linkey.INFO is the answer!
Branding on the Internet in the virtual reality is just like the importance of personality in a real world – There’s no second chance to make a first impression!

Additional Benefits:

* Personally customized page for perfect branding.
* Your unique spot on the web.
* Short and simple address.
* Advanced features for communicating with your audience.
* Intuitive and user friendly site management system.

S a l e ! Order a domain with INFO extension – get a personal mobile card for 2.45$ per month.
Offer is valid until 31/10/2018.

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