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galcomm_mobile_enFact: more than 30% of all web searches are done on mobile web!
Is your website mobile friendly?
Launch your mobile site today, and receive the first month for free!

Our easy to use mobile website platform includes:

  • Advanced navigation buttons
  • An automatic dial button from every page
  • A user friendly interface
  • Content management system
  • QR Code linking to your mobile website
  • A smart navigation button referring directly to smartphone’s local GPS App
  • Customized design
  • Google Analytics & AdWords conversion integration
Launching your mobile site will bring growth in mobile traffic and increased sales!

You are being looked for on mobile web!

These days, we’re all connected to the web, social networks, our favorite stores, and in general, to everything around us through our smartphones. This little (HUGE) device is not used only for making calls anymore.

Above 40% of all users look for their service providers directly through their smartphones. The above fact is the main reason so many businesses launch a mobile website. Galcomm offers you to join the most updated businesses around, and build your own mobile website.

Galcomm mobile website platform – professional, innovative, accessible

Building a mobile website promises you almost instant mobile traffic growth, simply by making it easier for your customer to browse.

Galcomm’s mobile website platform offers you state-of-the-art features like a fast dial button which allows your customer to call you or save your contact information from each and every page, and a smart navigation button referring directly to smartphone’s local GPS App.

If you are interested in bringing your business to the technology front, a mobile website is your next objective! Galcomm will be pleased to take that goal, and build a professional, innovative, easy to use mobile website for your business.

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