Presence on the Internet at 360 degrees

GalcommServicesPresence on the Internet at 360 degrees

Presence on the Internet at 360 degrees

Galcomm introduces: Clickey 360, creating customized landing pages for the internet, Facebook and cellular with one click.
You do not have to compromise on complex services to create different pages for each of your business’s marketing channels.

With Galcomm’s Clickey you can create a comprehensive presence on all the channels where customers are looking for you, in a personal design and easy to operate system.

Landing Page

The term “landing page” refers to an independent web page linked to a particular page within the website, which was created specifically for the purpose of receiving visitors who reach the site through campaigns published on other sites (eg clickable advertising banners with a specific topic). The landing page is concise and focused, deals with a very specific sub-topic for which the user actually came to the site, and is usually accompanied by a suggestion to leave details or contact us. The page is promoted by the search engines separately from the website, while the location is usually on the left side of the search results.

As stated, the purpose of the page is to bring the visitor directly to the page where relevant information is found about a particular subject requested by that visitor, in order to increase the ratio between the amount of visitors coming to that site and the number of visitors performing the action that the site owner wants to receive, signing up and leaving contact details, making a specific order or advertising an offer.

Why do I need a landing page?

In the Internet era, the average patience of Internet visitors lasts for about a few seconds. If a particular visitor encounters too much general information about a particular field, it is likely that he will not sit down to read the full information, but will prefer to move on to other, more focused sites. Therefore, the position of a landing page on different sites and even on Facebook, which will lead to a specific page on your site, grabs the attention of the visitor and increases the chances that he will remain on your site and perform the action you wish to perform, such as leaving his contact details, purchasing, and more.

Designing a successful landing page

What should we consider when creating a successful landing page? By definition, it must be very focused and deal with a specific subject. It is advisable to place at the upper part of the page a large, attractive headline with a clear message, indicating the specific area in which the page deals, and immediately clarifying to the visitor that he has reached the relevant page for him. In addition, you should include some text that is focused and gives details on the same topic or product. Of course, a high-quality image will immediately capture the attention of visitors who visit the page. In addition, it is important that you have an option to receive and leave contact details.

Landing Page – What do you get?

Clickey is a landing page that is customized to display as a web page, mobile page and a tab on Facebook pages.
– Custom page design
– A structured form for leaving details by the visitor or a direct order navigation button.
– Receiving visitor information and storing it in the database.
– Email inquiries are sent directly to you.
– Management and control of the leads, based on the accumulated data

How much does it cost?

49 NIS per month only.
600 NIS – One time cost for custom design.
*One-year deal.

Valid until 31.10.2018

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