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Domain API Interface

Galcomm provides you with all the tools to integrate your website with our domain registration platform, so you can as a virtual registrar.  Galcomm is the only Israeli domain registrar with a WHMCS Registrar Modul plug in.  No integration efforts are needed , just take the  API  and start working.

How does it work?

It’s that easy:  Just open a reseller account at Galcomm.  Get our  Domain API modul.  Follow the very simple instruction to install in your  WHMCS and join the large network of resellers already using Galcomm  API.

Account & Fees:

Reseller account is based on an established pre-paid credit account, of which future purchases are based on. Same credit is used for purchase of all kind of products at Galcomm. Whether domain registration, web hosting, Site building or any product or service.

The credit balance should be always kept positive to allow further purchases.
Reseller may purchase, at any time, more credits, according to the pricing schedule agreed
with Galcomm.
All fees will be then deducted from the credit account according to transactions made by the reseller.

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