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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Internet web promotion (SEO) relates to improvement of your website ranking in search engines. In Israel it relates to Google, since over 95% of the searches in Israel are performed at Google. There are two types of promotion: The Organic SEO, and the Funded promotion.

Organic SEO promotion relates to the natural results at Google, i.e. Google has found your website as relevant to what the web user seeks.
Funded web promotion relates to results derived from customer paid ads. i.e. you choose the keywords and daily budget’ and your ad is on the air.

Organic SEO

This is the promotion that on the visitor point of view is the most reliable, as this is the most focused and relevant outcome of the keyword/phrase the visitor types.
A professional website promotion includes: A comprehensive research of relevant keywords, adjustment of the website structure to suits Google Internet bots, modification of the website contents to better fit with the keywords, creation of link profile in the website and to the website from external resources and ongoing measurement of the outcome.
Google has over 200 algorithms, result in ranking of the website in the organic search. In our competitive market, all the parameters are required to get the website promoted relative to its competitors.

Important parameters for organic SEO:

– Buy a domain
Choosing a domain name and its registration are significant to the website SEO, although usually a website promoter starts with an existing website it’s is important to choose the relevant domain name and the domain name TLD related to where the website is hosted and its language. A website targeted to Israel, better be with as its TLD.
-Web hosting
One of the most significant parameters to SEO. The most important parameters related to web-hosting are : The location of the server where the website is hosted in relation to the website content and the target audience. If your website is directed to Israelis, then it is a must to host your website in Israel.
The time to load the website page is significant, as well as the website neighbors hosted on the same server with your website.
-Keyword Research
Checking what people search is essential when going to promote a website. The keyword is a phrase found to be searched in an adequate volume, and can be addressed the best in using to promote the website.
-Website structure adjustment
Check the the website pages are available to the search engine, no blocks, the website is compatible with all browsers, and the website structure fits the search engine and keywords.
-Website content adjustment
After selecting the keyword, it has to be used in the website contents in the optimized frequency, and located in strategic places relevant to promotion.
-Build link profile
After announcing that the website deals with a specific phrase, we have to ensure that other website recommend our website in the same phrase. Those recommendations come as incoming links to the website from various sources on the web.

Funded website promotion – Google Adwords

Funded SEO , i.e. advertize at Google, provides an immediate outcome to a website wishes to be on the internet. Google advertizement (Google Adwords), is very effective, when done professionally and focused. Advertizing at Google, enable simple and accurate measurement of the campaign and its effectiveness.

The process is systematic, controlled and includes the following steps:
-Determine the campaign target
Define the products/services for the campaign, the goals, and your budget. Open an account at Google Adwords, using your email address and your password.
-Define the campaign
Select geographic location and language related to the campaign, decide whether to appear in the search network or the content network or both, determine your budget and the timing for your ads.
-Define keywords and the ads text
Keywords are defined according to the amount of searches, relevancy and focus. The campaign ads are phrased in correlation with the keywords and the landing pages
-Define the landing page
The landing page has to be in accordance with the keyword, and the ad content. A landing page can be one of the website pages or dedicated page for the campaign.
-Start the campaign
Once Google is paid and you switched your campaign to live, the ads start appear according to the campaign definitions.

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