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Galcomm Your Online Presence

We at Glecomm provide a comprehensive solution for your online presence, whether you are private customers, companies, businesses. SMEs, professionals, web experts or marketers. Galcom has a variety of tools and services that help you establish your online presence. Starting with your domain name, through your website: Reliable, professional and secure web hosting. A system of clicks for building and managing your landing pages, to a mobile site and a variety of products for your presence in the mobile world.

The reasons for choosing Galcomm

Galcom is a company with over 20 years of experience in the field of building an online presence, offering all services under one roof. Galcom chooses you to be our customer and enjoy a variety of reasons to choose us 🙂 read more…

Register domain

If you want to buy a domain or several domains in all languages ​​and all extensions, check whether a specific domain is available, renew or transfer ownership of an existing domain name – you have come to the right place!

Buying a domain in all extensions – With us at Glcom you can purchase a domain in all existing extensions. The choice of domain extension is usually related to the location of the server and the target audience. The name of the domain helps us to focus on the geographical area and reach a very relevant target audience.

Hebrew Domain – Today Hebrew domains are registered with a suffix of Latin letters, such as com. Or .co.i.l The purchase of a domain name in Hebrew today comes mainly as a reinforcement and addition to the existing name, since for us as Hebrew speakers a domain in Hebrew is more memorable and helps with branding.