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G-Affiliate – The Galcomm Referral Program

In the modern digital reality, almost every person we encounter is looking to set up a website, purchase a domain or open a Facebook page for a business. Galcomm’s referral program offers you to provide all of Galcomm’s services and products to your customers without the need to be directly involved in order to enjoy the fruits.
Galcomm’s professional team will treat each customer with the necessary dedication and you will be rewarded for the referral for an entire year.

How does it work?

After opening a referral account, you can send us referrals for any service the company offers: buying domains, hosting packages, building websites, mobile sites, landing pages, marketing services on Facebook and Google, and more. As a business partner, you will receive a custom commission from the activity of the clients referred for a year. This means that you will benefit not only from the first product for which you referred the customer, but from any future service he will purchase during the year. In addition, you can get a domain search box and a personal referral code so you can refer more customers directly from your website.

How do you join the referral program?

All you have to do is sign up as a new Galcomm user and then contact us to set up your G-Affiliate account so you can start earning that same day! No installation fee or any commitment!

contact us!