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All Hebrew –  New TLD for Israel   .ישראל

ישראל  IDN  is an open TLD with similar rules as
.IL , only that it will work directly on the second level i.e.  domain
names under .ישראל
and not on the 3rd level as  or

GA registration will open on October 2022  for
the public , following a Sunrise period.

A pre-registration process for applications for all phases,
is currently scheduled to open on May 18th  at 14:00 Israel
time  (11am UTC).


There are two groups of first right to register:

  1. The identical Hebrew
    domain under or –  Owners of Hebrew IDN names under the
    IL can apply to get the same name registered for them (same registrant
    data)  under .ישראל  
    . If there
    are both Hebrew IDN and, then the first domain registered in
    the IL will have the priority.

Currently there is no need to apply using any special
form in order to implement that registration, it is simple registration with
the same registrant data.

  1. Trade mark holders and
    company identical names – A typical Sunrise process, where any holder of
    existing trade mark registered in the Israel TM  & patents
    database can apply for the same TM name as a domain name.  Name must
    be identical to the Hebrew name.  Where a company name ,  the
    suffix can be omitted, and the same is with the Year number sometimes
    added to the company name.

All the rules of the Sunrise are elaborated in the
ISOC IL registry page  (link below)

Where there is the same name both
already registered in the or and also a trade mark exists, the
priority is given to the domain already registered , and if the priority is not
used during first 3 months, then the right turns to the trade mark holder.

Application for that phase is
between May 10th  (opens in about 2 weeks)  and Juk 10th
,  followed by a validation process to review and results of Sunrise
application.  Between Jul 11th and Aug 15th.

The full details in the English version at the IL registry, click here