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APP Domain

APP Domain

Google  the registry for .APP  launches .app  domain names for general availability on May 1st 2018.   Galcomm is an accredited registrar for .APP, was chosen as a Preferred Partner of the registry for the registration of .app domains.

.APP domains are focused on everything related to your mobile app.  .APP is the new, more secure domain for your app. It is where developers, entrepreneurs and businesses showcase information about their apps to the world.

.APP  domain website is the most trustworthy and unique app download links outside of app stores to provide a link to download your app.

.APP Launch Schedule:

.APP  is starting up on May 1st 2018  with an EAP  (Early Access Program) to register .app domains, followed by the general open registration on May 8th 2018.

.APP Premium Domains:

.APP includes a list of domains considered as Premium.  It means that those domains have a different premium fee on top of the regular domain registration fees.  The premium fee applies not only to registration fee, but to transfer and renewal fee as well.  When you go and check the availability of a premium .app domain, you will get within the availability result also whether the domain is a premium and its respective fee.

.APP is a Secured Space:

Google requires that each .APP  website, in order to resolve and work, will be secured using HTTPS, i.e. a valid SSL  certificate is a mandatory for .app websites to work.  Hence, Galcomm, as part of the .APP  registration, provide a free SSL  certificate for the registered .app domain.

To register APP please place your desired domain in the following search box.

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