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Change of ownership to international domain names

On 1/12/2016, a new regulation came into force on behalf of ICANN, the authority that manages domain names around the world, stipulating that a certified domain registrar is required to approve the old and new domain owner, in order to request a change of ownership of the domain. Installation pertains to domain names in global extensions (COM, NET, ORG, new incoming extensions and more ..). Therefore, a private change with a domain (first name and last name and / or company name or email address) requires a process of verifying the change request before it is made. In practice, a request for a private domain owner change will be made similar to a domain name change request with the IL suffix, meaning that the current domain owner will be required to sign a change of ownership form, along with an ID document, and approval of the new domain owner. A handling fee will be charged for a change of ownership in an amount similar to that charged for a change of ownership at the end of IL. Unlike a change of ownership in an IL extension, a change of ownership in global extensions does not require re-registration but only the approval of the domain owners and the validity of the domain remains unchanged.

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