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IL Catch

How does it work?

Every day expired IL Domain and become available again for registration.
This process is performed at night, immediately after deleting the domain from the registry (Israeli Internet Association).
Galcomm can apply for the domain registration you want to catch where you sit and wait until they allow you to re-register.
If you catch the domain – you pay, if not, the money will be refunded accordingly! (Payment for this type of registration is made in advance).

What are the registration terms?

  • These only apply to or extensions for domain.
  • Galcomm does not guarantee success in registering the domain you have ordered to capture. We do our best to try and catch it for you.
  • Orders for IL domain perception are on a first-come, first-served basis, that is, the first order for a particular domain will be accepted, and the others will be rejected.
  • The price for the domain catch with the suffix IL is 128.7 NIS (excluding VAT). The price includes the domain registration fee in the first year.
    Payment is made at the time of booking; Payment will also be refunded in full if the domain is not catch for you.
  • Good luck!
You can also find a domain extension service with an international extension, for more details click here

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