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Domain Name Abuse Policy

According to the Domain Registration Agreement, a domain holder is not allowed to register a domain name that is used for illegal purposes, for malicious activities on the Internet, or infringes any third party’s rights.

If anyone finds that there is such a case with domain names registered through Galcomm, please make an official complaint by filling a form at  or  , or simply send an email to .

Suspension or Cancellation of a domain:

Although, a registration a domain that either infringes other party’s rights, or use for unlawful acts, is in violation of the Registration Agreement, Galcomm as a domain registrar, has no way to judge or determine whether the domain is indeed being abused in any way.

Galcomm, though cannot just cancel or suspend a domain only upon a complaint.  According to Galcomm Accreditation Agreement (RAA with ICANN and other domain registries), Galcomm is obligated to investigate any case that Galcomm received, that relates to a domain abuse, or used for wrong purposes.

When a complaint arrives at Galcomm, by any mean of communication:  Abuse form, Contact us form, email to Galcomm customer service or the Abuse email address,  Galcomm  opens an investigation case, where the domain is being checked, the domain holder is contacted with a request to address the case.

If the domain is registered and managed through any Galcomm reseller, then Galcomm usually contacts the reseller too, in order to better investigate the case.

Should a domain holder decide to cancel the domain, Galcomm will delete the domain (usually to be suspended for the regular RGP period).  Where the domain holder does not answer communication being made by Galcomm,  Galcomm may, at its sole discretion, and although not obligated,  decide to suspend the domain, in particular with cases related to information security.