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How to match a domain extension to your site?

The domain extension appears after the domain name of the site, for example, where com is the extension and domain is the name.
There are many domain extensions, when for Israeli sites, it is highly recommended to choose the extension Extensions like com or net characterize more sites that appeal to an international audience, but are the next priority in line after the suffix, if it is not available. The .com extension is considered to be very common all over the world and there are even extensions that characterize certain countries. The .net extension that we are all familiar with from a variety of website addresses is also considered very popular especially for computer companies, communications, international trading sites and so on.

The following are examples of extensions:

APP – This extension is an abbreviation of application, due to the growing popularity in the field of applications, the purpose of the extension is to provide a dedicated complex for application developers.
קום- a new extension from Verisign, where the entire domain is in Hebrew that allows cheaper promotion and more effective branding . And of course what’s more convenient than using our language and fitting exactly to our name (New International Opportunities).
CO – the short alternative and is popular for the well-known com extension, and is also used by business owners who are interested in creating new options and expansion for the trading arena in Colombia.
MOBI – the only extension that is intended for transferring web content to mobile phone applications. It will be possible to surf the Internet using your mobile device, directly to your website. In such a way that users will be able to be exposed to all the web content you have uploaded, as well as to the secure content pages. But also a link to rich video contentIntroducing the service and product, by uploading various content videos.
BIZ – Unlike the other extensions, the BIZ extension is intended for a stable and secure platform for websites belonging to the business sector. With its help you can enjoy impressive, professional differentiation and a dynamic online presence for your business website.
ME – a unique gimmicky extension that gives a personal tone to each domain, such as:
US – The official US extension, despite the use of the .com extension,
Demand is growing.
TOP – the new and promising extension on the Internet with close to a million new domains, start from the top!
org – a domain that represents non-profit organizations such as: municipalities, associations, non-profit institutions, etc. – an extension suitable for academic institutions. – an extension suitable for municipalities and local authorities. – an extension suitable for communications companies.

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