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Facebook Business Marketing

Upgrade your business presence on Facebook today!

Today, the interaction with customers does not end when he leaves the store – businesses on Facebook enjoy a two-way communication channel with their customers, on a regular basis. Galcomm presents Facebook presence building services: Facebook site, Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising that will help you get the most out of the platform.
In the Internet age, customer service does not stop at the end of a phone call or meeting. Through social media marketing, the relationship with the customer continues at all hours of the day. With over 3.5 million active accounts in Israel, Facebook marketing is a channel that should not be ignored.

How do you build a Facebook presence?

Facebook presence does not behave like traditional advertising channels. It is not enough to show what the business knows how to do. Facebook is a social network, in all that it implies, and you as business owners must behave socially towards customers as well. Facebook shares experiences rather than information – shows the behind the scenes of the business and shows the people in it.
“Likes” in themselves are not worth much. In Facebook marketing the goal is to reach the audience relevant to your business in order to create a living community of fans and customers who are interested in the business activities on Facebook. Social media marketing is a means of differentiation, showing how your business is different from the competition.

What do we offer?

Galcomm provides continuous support in setting up and managing a business page on Facebook, advice in choosing the content, writing the messages during the month, marketing on Facebook and advertising on Facebook. We will help you turn the events from your business life into stories – share and participate, create interest in your Facebook community in order to strengthen the connection with customers.

  • The service is provided within three, six or 12 months.
  • Up to 15 posts per month.
  • You can combine a campaign budget for Facebook advertising with organic activity.
  • Opening a business page on Facebook or working on an existing page.

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