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By logging in to our site, you have the option of registering as a new customer through which you can enter the Gallcom online management interface.

In this interface you can see your list of domains, make changes to your account and domains and more …

Galcomm offers its customers additional services when registering a domain. The following options are included in the domain registration in Galcomm:

  • Secure, easy, efficient and 24/7 management interface
  • DNS free referrals.
    Possibility to set unlimited ZONE records (example: URL-Forwarding, SRV, MX and more …)

A hosting package allows you to advertise your site across the web worldwide. As part of the storage package you receive access information that is available to you 24/7. The hosting package allows you to use the utilization volume according to the space allotted to you, depending on the package purchased. You are given the option in the hosting package to open an email address with a branded extension (of your domain).

Please note that you can contact us for a customized hosting package.

* You can ask for our help in transferring the site and / or emails from the current provider to Glacomm (the service may involve cost).

You can log in at any time, after entering a username and password, a “My Domains” and then “Renew Domain”.
Alternatively, you can contact us for more alternatives.

The maximum renewal period is divided into two:

1. Generic domains can be renewed for a period of from 1 year to 10 years, for example com / net / org / info / biz and more …
2.IL Domains extension for a period of up to 5 years.

If you have set up in the domain management panel, under the “Information” tab, automatic domain renewal will be renewed automatically.

This only applies to a positive account balance in your online payments account.

Yes, after each domain renewal you will receive a renewal confirmation in the email defined in your account and with a link to download an invoice.

You can see the validity of the domain is updated in WHOIS and / or on the Galcomm website.

Transferring a domain (as it is called: Transfer) means transferring a domain name from one domain register to another. Once you have logged in with your username and password you can start the transfer as follows: the “Domain” cube and then click on “Domain Transfer”. The options available to you: transfer without renewal (for domains with the suffix IL) and transfer with renewal (for all extensions).

Some important steps to consider before making a transfer in the system:

If the WHOIS email address is inactive, the transfer will not be confirmed. In this case, contact your current registrar and ask him to update the WHOIS information accordingly. Alternatively, you can contact us for other alternatives.
International domains – You can transfer domains that are older than 60 days after their date of purchase or change in domain owner information (this can be seen through (WHOIS)
Make sure that the domain you want to transfer is open for transfer and you have a transfer code (transfer code in domains with the IL extension is valid for only 5 days from the moment they are generated).
After initiating the transfer in the system, the email address of the domain owner according to the whois will receive an email confirming the transfer. Alternatively, you can contact us for more alternatives.

Once the transfer is approved, the domain transfer will be completed after 5 days.

After LOG IN to the system, click on the “My Domains” cubes and then “Domain List”; in the administration panel, please click on the “Edit” button and by clicking on “SEND ME” the code will be sent to the domain owner’s email according to WHOIS (in IL domain).

The international domain code will appear in the management interface.

If you want to change the status of a locked domain lock (in order to block domain name transfers to unauthorized parties) please follow these steps:

After logging in with a username and password, go to the “My Domains” cube, then “Domain List”, and then click the Edit button. In this tab you can click the lock button.

You can contact us for information at or by phone at +972-9-8850558.

Registering a domain that you perform using the “catch domain” option on the Galcomm website, gives you the opportunity to “catch” the domain as soon as it is released to the world. In fact, an automatic request is sent from our system to register the domain as soon as it is released.

It is important to emphasize that submitting the domain seizure application does not require the domain to be yours for several reasons:

The domain owner may renew the domain in time and then it will not be released for purchase in the first place.
It is possible that someone submitted a “catch domain” request to you at Galcomm / another registrar (domain registration is in the “first come, first served” method).

In case you are unable to capture the domain, the credit is in your account. In terms of cost – the cost is higher because it is not a regular registration that you make through the site, but the registration of the domain through us, using our domain management system

A new username should be opened on its main website and a request should be sent to us in the name of the domain owner. For more details, please contact our customer service by email at or by phone at +972-9-8850558.

Invoices for payment transactions are in your account, available for download in a PDF file, after logging in to the account with the username and password, the invoices can be found in the “Invoices and Payments” cube under the “Transaction Report” menu.

There are two different processes in change ownership to domains with an IL or international suffix. You can contact us for information at or by phone at +972-9-8850558.

(The service may be costly).

In order to make settings and DNS records, you must connect to the Galcomm system with the username and password.

Find the domain in the domain list under the “My Domains” menu, then “Domain List”. Once the domain name is up, click on the current DNS names to access the management interface. You can configure the names of the new servers instead of the current ones and click “Update DNS” (in order to make referrals you must configure the Galcomm servers as explained on the page).
After clicking, the system send you an email to the email set up in your account with a link to confirm the action.

In the second line – “Domain Forwarding and DNS configuration” / Domain redirection and DNS settings where zone records can be defined (example: Url forwarding, SRV, MX, and more …)

In order to recover the username or password to your account, you can reset the password easily and quickly, all you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Go to the home page, now click on “Forget password”.
You must now enter your username or domain name.
Please note, mark V in the part of the RECAPTCHA, then on the “Reset Password” button.
It will then send you an email (to the email address defined in the account) a system message with a link to the password reset page. The password must have 8 or more characters, including English numbers and letters only (no characters, symbols, or symbols).

It is important! For security reasons, the link is active for 3 hours only!

You can register a domain through the Galcomm website without entering a username and password or through your management interface.
The process of registering domains with the IL suffix requires the approval of the Israeli Internet Association, and may take about 24 hours to complete.

(And even more so when it comes to the weekend).

According to the rules of the Internet Association (ISOC) it is not possible to set WHOIS Privacy for domains with an IL extension, however WHOIS Privacy can be set for domains with generic extensions (com / net etc.). The WHOIS Privacy domain can be updated by managing the domain.

You must log in to the system by entering a username and password and locate the domain in the domain list.
Under the menu “my domains” and “domain list”. When the domain name appears, please click on the domain name. In this section you can see “Domain Privacy” – where you can set WHOIS Privacy for the domain by clicking “update”.

You can send us a document signed by the domain owner with a request to delete the domain, but it is not possible to receive a refund for a registration made for him.