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SSL certificate

What is SSL?

SSL is another layer of security between the client browsing the site and the server hosting the site, and it secures the data and especially the sensitive ones, which are transmitted on the Internet between the client and the site.

What do you need an SSL certificate for?

  • SSL protects the site owner by:  
  1.  1.Encrypting the data transmitted between the server visiting the site and the server hosting the site. Only the site software and the surfer can see the visible data
  2. SSL verifies for the surfer that The site is indeed the one held by its owner, by verifying the owner’s details as part of the SSL certificate issued to the site owner
  3. SSL prevents change and manipulation of data when transferring from the surfer to and to the site, thus protecting sensitive information such as financial data or Access passwords
  • An SSL certificate issued by a qualified issuer gives further verification and confirmation of the validity and reliability of the site
  • Google actively promotes secure SSL sites so that a small investment in an SSL certificate pays for itself instantly through the site promotion benefit


The most common certificate is $9.37 per year

You can get this certificate at no cost by purchasing a one-year storage package, Learn more


For each subdomain for a particular domain $116.33 per year

Comprehensive certificate

The certificate includes a green verification strip on the website and comprehensive verification of details using company documents - 790 NIS + VAT per year

How to implement an SSL Certificate:


Step 1  –  Click on one of the desired boxes for obtaining the SSL certificate.  That will lead you step by step to purchase an SSL.

Step 2  –  At the end you will get an text data to implement as a CNAME record on your domain DNS  .  If your DNS (Domain NS) name is of any of *, then we will do that step for you, otherwise you have to provide your DNS/hosting provider that information to implement.

Step 3 –  After the CNAME has been implemented and verified, you will get by email the SSL certificate, normally within 48 hours.  If you use Galcomm’s hosting service then we will implement the SSL for you. If not, you need to use your web hosting provider to install the SSL certificate on your website .