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Click – Integrated landing page

360-degree Internet presence

Galcom presents: Clickey 360, creating personalized landing pages for the Internet, Facebook and mobile in one click. No more having to compromise on complex services for creating different pages for each of your business’s marketing channels.
With Galcom’s Clickey you can create a comprehensive presence in all the channels where customers are looking for you, with a personal design and an easy-to-operate system.

Landing page

The term “landing page” refers to a standalone web page linked to a particular page within the site, which was set up specifically to receive surfers who come to the site through campaigns published on other sites (for example: advertising banners that allow clicking on a particular advertisement or link ). The landing page is concise and focused, deals with a very specific sub-topic for which the same surfer actually came to the site, and is usually accompanied by a box leaving details or contacting us. The page is promoted in the search engines separately from the website, where their position is usually on the left side of the search results.
As mentioned, the purpose of the page is to bring the surfer directly to the page where relevant information is found about a particular topic. The ratio between the number of surfers who come to the same site, and the number of surfers who perform the action that the site owner wants to receive, such as registering and leaving details, placing a specific order or advertising a promotion.

Why do you need a landing page?

In the internet age, the average patience of web surfers hovers around a few seconds. If a particular surfer encounters too much general information about a particular domain, it should be assumed that he did not sit down to read the full information, but would prefer to move on to other, more targeted sites. Therefore, the placement of a landing page on various sites and even on Facebook, which will lead to the specific page on your site, grabs the surfer’s attention, and increases the chances that the same surfer will stay on your site, and even perform the action you want to perform, such as joining a mailing list , Leaving details, purchasing and more.

Successful landing page design

What should we pay attention to when creating a successful landing page? By definition, he must be highly focused and deal with a specific topic. It is advisable to place a large, attractive title with a clear message at the top, which indicates the specific field in which the page deals and immediately clarifies to the surfer that he has indeed reached the page that is relevant to him. In addition, include some text that is also focused and slightly expansive about the same topic or product. Of course, a quality image will immediately grab the attention of the surfers who come to the page. In addition, it is important that you have the option to receive and leave contact information.

Landing Page – What Do You Get?

Clickey Landing page adapted for display as a web page, on mobile phones and as a tab on Facebook pages.

  • Custom page design.
  • Built-in form for leaving details by the surfer or navigation button for direct order.
  • Obtaining the surfer’s information and storing it in a database.
  • Mail user inquiries directly to you.
  • Management and control of leads, based on accrued data

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