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Building a mobile website

Galcomm presents - building a mobile-friendly mobile site, more surfers and more customers with personal design and full support

The mobile site includes:

  • Advanced content pages and navigation buttons
  • List of instant dial button features on each page
  • List of user-friendly and convenient content management and editing features
  • List of QR barcode features with site reference
  • List of location and arrival features via GPS and smart navigation

Join our customer base with a mobile website

If you stop and think about it for a moment, when was the last time you went out without your cell phone?

Did you know?

In the past year, there has been a 33% increase in the number of active smartphones in Israel
63% of the adult population in Israel (ages 15 to 64) have a smartphone.
Over 30% of internet searches are done using a mobile device

Looking for you on your cellphone

Today we are all connected to the internet, social networks, our favorite stores and everything that happens around us directly through the mobile device. This small (large) device has long been more than just a phone.

Over 40% of surfers perform their searches for service providers through the mobile phone and that is why a great many companies set up mobile websites for the use of their existing and potential customers. We at Glecom also offer you to join the most up-to-date companies on the market and build an advanced mobile site – with all the functions that ensure easy browsing for your customers.
Building a mobile website in Galkom: professionalism, progress, accessibility

Building a mobile website adapted for surfing via mobile phone guarantees you more surfers and more customers here and now, while anyone who types in search words related to your field will be able to reach you and browse the site easily. Building a website ensures that that person’s browsing will be convenient, clear and simple and that he will be able to get all the necessary information from your site.

Construction of a mobile website in Galkom, one of the market leaders for adapting existing websites to mobile, includes building content pages and advanced navigation buttons that allow easy and fast browsing, a dial button from any page that allows the surfer to contact you immediately or save the phone number, build a QR barcode Directions via smart navigation and GPS. In addition, we at Galkom specialize in building management interfaces and convenient content systems for operating mobile websites.

If you want to propel your business forward and give your surfers high accessibility to the site, a mobile site is your mission. We at Glcom will be happy to take on the task and build a professional, respectable, easy-to-operate website for you – and at the highest level possible.

More than half of the customers who visit your site come from mobile.
One third of all online sales are made through mobile.
Do not let your competitors overtake you. Get around them.

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