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Advertising on Google

Google advertising management services, which bring you more sales at less cost

Galcomm provides campaign management services on top of Google search results. With Google’s advertising system, you can place ads based on the world of content you choose and are precisely tailored to the things your customers are looking for – each relevant search will show the ads that display your products.Advertising on Google is fast and accessible, allowing you to set up campaigns and see results instantly. The name of the game is measurement – using statistics and utilities we can understand the effectiveness of each ad in particular and campaign performance in general. Proper management of a campaign on Google will include the discovery of ads and interests that do not deliver the goods, their removal and focusing on those that bring the best productivity – leading interested surfers and turning them into satisfied customers.

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What do you get?

Galcomm accompanies you through all stages of planning, building and managing the campaign. In today’s competitive market, it is very important to properly plan the advertising campaign from the stage of choosing keywords, writing the ads, running the campaign and optimizing in order to create an effective marketing channel that will leverage the business.
It is very important to monitor the behavior of the surfers who are exposed to it and their actions performed, in order to convert as many interested customers as possible. Part of the campaign management includes tracking the campaign performance data, removing ads, target audiences and keywords that do not yield results, reinforcing these since and adding new areas to maximize campaign activity and the value the business receives.
How much does it cost? The cost of advertising on Google consists of the campaign budget which is paid directly to Google on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, a one-time cost of setting up the campaign, and ongoing management fees.

1. Campaign Creation

  • Characterizing and setting up a campaign.
  • Set up the ads.
  • Creating a landing page for a product including design.
  • Campaign keyword research.

2. Ongoing management

  • Keyword Optimization.
  • Effective ad management.
  • Conversion Analysis and Optimization.

Customer Numbers

First of all thanks for the update and the amazing work you do, I must point out that at first I was a little skeptical and was pleasantly and very pleasantly surprised.
Last night the site underwent an amazing upgrade, generally remains the same in its visibility, but we did implement your comments about a number of things, on the site such as: Banner Runner etc. We added a list of great companies we work with, you should check out more keywords about company magnets Or business events and more.

Recently in the last two weeks there has been a lot of traffic on the site and in the number of orders and phone calls.

With lots of thanks and appreciation and looking forward to continued fruitful work.

Moshe Habib – Magnetic Team

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