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Upgrade your site using Google today!

Organic website promotion (or SEO, search engine optimization) is a marketing channel for improving the presence of a website in search engines – specifically in Google, which is the most popular search engine in the world in general and in Israel in particular. It is also the most popular site – 88% of the population surfs Google, more than Facebook, YouTube and Ynet. Google search results are divided into two areas: organic results and sponsored results.

Sponsored results are ads on which the site owner pays money to Google for each surfer who clicks on the ad. They are above and beside the organic results. The top ads are marked with a yellow background to distinguish them from the organic results.

The other 10 results are called organic results because they are selected and sorted by the search engine automatically and free of charge by the business owner. Over the years Google’s operations have revolved around the organic results in a marketing industry designed to take a website and increase its presence in search terms relevant to the business.

Like all digital marketing channels, the goal of SEO is to bring relevant traffic to the site – surfers who will become customers.

How do I do SEO?

SEO is a lengthy process. Its length depends on the competition in the field of occupation and the sites that are interested in appearing on it and it rests on three legs: infrastructure, content and links.

Infrastructure is the way a site is built and the search engine accesses it. The goal is to allow the surfer and search engine access to all relevant sections of the site and create a user-friendly experience. Among the parameters that affect the infrastructure are the choice of the domain, the storage of the site, the form in which the menus leading to the various pages on the site are built, the adaptation of the site to the various browsers, and so on.

Content is the essence of the site. Is all the information that is on the site and is available for the surfers and is the reason why the surfers come to the site. Most of the content on the web is textual but also graphics, images, audio and video are important layers in the site content.

The content of the site should be unique and relevant to the business areas of business. The richer the site contains information about the field of occupation, the more easily it will be able to screw up and gain a presence in the search engines that will drive relevant traffic to it.

Links are links from other sites to your site. Links are a kind of expression of support for the site and were the first factor on which the founders of Google based their search engine software. Website promoters have for many years abused the ability of links and so in recent years Google has tightened the parameters related to links. Today, it is of paramount importance not to create masses of random links, as they are not helpful in promoting the site and they can cause damage.

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