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Building a WordPress site + a mobile site

This first impression on the internet is not a cliché, because in a few seconds the surfers decide whether to continue touring within your site, when the level of convenience and user-friendliness will determine whether to sign up for a newsletter, make purchases or any other action your site offers. .
Galcomm gives you a variety of website building options with the help of expert professionals who each specialize in a particular tool.

Building a WordPress site – what’s the benefit?

  • WordPress is an open source content management system.
  • The systems allow direct access to independent management of all site content, using clear language that is not programming but HTML, and without the help of site builders.
  • The more advanced systems can also offer forum management, chat management, e-commerce management, site performance reports, setting up social networks and more …

Here are some examples:

Other types of site building:


A small site and usually used as a temporary replacement, consisting of one to four pages.

The construction of a unique minisite website for each business is carried out in front of a Galcomm expert and includes a number of content, a landing page, links, the option to upload photos and videos, contact us and more …

Landing pages

A landing page is used to promote a specific project or advertising campaign, can be used as a starting site and even as a permanent page on Facebook, whose content is only replaced depending on the operation or project. Normal paragraph

The page is a web address for everything, and includes a clear marketing message accompanied by graphics, image and contact option while leaving details that are collected for the lead system at a separate email address.

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