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National Cyber Week, thank you 🙂

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Cyber Defense Week 2020 – Company Letter of Appreciation

Hi Reut,
Thank you so much to you, Sing and all the staff behind the scenes, you deserve all the praise for the extraordinary service over the years!
I will surely miss such service and attitude!
Thank you, Oren

We are a small software company, customers of Galcomm for years. Recently, there has been a need for us to purchase and configure one of the servers we have. SSL
We turned to your support services, and Reut Horovitz-Meir returned to us.
Reut gave us exceptional service and response. Help us in the whole process, step by step, while demonstrating great skill and professionalism. The response time was also great and the process we feared would take a long time was completed as soon as possible within a few days.
As those accustomed to the disappointing customer service that is accepted in the business culture in Israel, we were so happy to meet a different approach, service and professional, and we are grateful for that. It is such a service that makes customers remain loyal to the provider, and I have no doubt that the next time we are debating who to purchase any service from, the excellent service and treatment we received from grazing will be to your credit.
It is really important for us to tell you how impressed we are with the service, attitude and professionalism.
Sincerely, and continued fruitful cooperation
Michael Bar-David, CEO of Mango Software Solutions Ltd.

For customer service department:
My name is David Samuel and I own a business that provides support services to your offices and client.
I wanted to draw your attention to your employee who gives services and her name is bad.
Do not know her personally except for the phone calls with her and just a pleasure just like a pleasure to get service from her.
Great fun for you to have a worker like her. Well done yes people will really multiply like her.
David Samuel

Hello Galcomm,
I would like to convey to you compliments and satisfaction, about your customer service team member Reut Horovitz-Meir.
We are customers of Galcomm for about a decade, in the last two years we have had several peak periods of activity, Reut has been our liaison with Galcomm.
Reut acted in an appreciative, professional and fun manner, providing a quick and matter-of-fact professional response to all the inquiries and requests we received.
The response time of Reut and the support team in general was fast, the answers relevant and arousing desire for cooperation.
I have found it appropriate to share and update you on our satisfaction as customers. We recommend that our customers use the service of Galcomm,
Many thanks to Reut as the liaison and support woman. Glad we fell for the right parts to receive such service as a customer and the ability to give such feedback as a satisfied customer.

Best of luck,
And continued fruitful cooperation for many years to come
Verber Tzachi
Opportunities for growth.

To the Galcomm team,
Following the support I receive from Idan, every day, several times a day.
I wanted to commend his special service, immediate availability, service, courtesy, and willingness to help at all costs.
Really not obvious! And as a customer, I experience a special and enjoyable user experience.
Ruthi from Promotion Plus


Dear Galcomm,
A few months ago, I purchased hosting and a domain from your company.
At a number of time points where I was required to assist I received a response from an era in customer service.
I asked for your email address to indicate to you that I have not encountered such a high level of service in a long time.
Age helps wholeheartedly. Did not leave me until I received an answer, even if it took a long time and also did not have all the required information.
In these cases he searched and obtained the information and sent it to me. In short exemplary service. An era is a valuable asset in your company.

Thank you.
Ilan – Mediation of Disputes for Consent

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